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Free Online Promotion

Get your project done without spending any money In these challenging economic times, it's good to know there is an easy, convenient and creative way to get things done without having to spend one penny—WorkForFavor.com

WorkForFavor.com is an innovative social media concept that allows you to barter your time and effort in exchange for "bonus points" that you can then use to pay others for the help you need with your project.

How does it work?

Let’s say John is looking for Twitter account holders with 2500+ followers who would be willing to tweet a message that includes a url link to John’s automotive blog—where he is advertising a free promotion to his readers. John is willing to offer 20 bonus points for the favor.

John can easily afford to pay for this favor because he has been an active WorkForFavor member and has accumulated plenty of bonus points by completing favors for other WorkForFavor members. However, if John's account does reach "0" points, he can opt to purchase more points he can use to pay the WorkForFavor members who want to help him with his project.

What do I have to agree to?

In order to ensure that WorkForFavor remains the positive mutually-beneficial tool it is intended to be, there are a few things you must agree not to do, such as offending or attacking other community members, organizing or preparing actions forbidden by U.S. law, or letting third parties use your account to access the WorkForFavor community. The “strictly forbidden” list is quite short and serves as a guide for how to be an effective WorkForFavor community contributor.

Who can join?

The WorkForFavor.com community is a free tool to help anyone (regardless of income, age or location) organize thousands of people and get free promotion to help achieve their aims. It costs nothing to become a member, you can join groups within the WorkForFavor community according to your interests, and, the more active you are in helping others, the more favors you get in return. Every interaction is a win-win for everyone in the WorkForFavor online community.

How do I get started?

To become a member of the WorkForFavor.com community, simply visit the website and create an account. On your account page you can monitor your point total, search for a project that needs your help, and create a project you need help with. It’s as easy as that!


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